87 – Last Days in Dublin –

© Maeve Clancy 2009


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3 Responses to “87 – Last Days in Dublin –”

  1. TUG Says:

    Lenny had his revenge! By dropping the price of the pint!

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    That’s one way of looking at it-
    Much as I love a pint, it is disturbing just how powerful the Vintner’s Association is in this country.
    I often wonder if they have dirt on all of the politicians, they seem to be able to get them to do whatever they wish…

  3. TUG Says:

    Whilst they certainly have pull, they are in the ha’penny place literally in comparison to the banks…

    This country is just one big massive IOU to bondholders, it’s quite sickening really…

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