86 – Airport Visit –

© Maeve Clancy 2009


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3 Responses to “86 – Airport Visit –”

  1. TUG Says:

    Hmmm… Why aren’t they in the bar then, surely that’s where most people spend their time at the airport!

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    I have to admit, I’ve (almost) never stepped into an airport bar. They’re just dull and nasty. I actually prefer the dull grey chairs. At least you can sleep on them-

  3. TUG Says:

    Speaking as a frequenter of Airport Bars for many a year, you’re doing them a disservice.

    Gate Clock Bar in Pier B at Dublin is still one of the best and I still pine for the Old Failte Bar in Arrivals, though it is long gone…

    Many a merry Christmas Eve was spent in the old Skyview Bar on the Mezzanine back in the day when I used to push trollies for a living (beer money for college)!

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