137 – How Paul met Seán –

© Maeve Clancy 2011


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4 Responses to “137 – How Paul met Seán –”

  1. Albert Says:

    Love it ! more, More MORE !

  2. Christophe Says:

    Gas, I’m slightly confused though but that’s nothing more than the usual!!!

  3. Christophe Says:

    Maybe, an architectural floormap would help? 🙂

  4. maeveclancy Says:

    The above is actually a redrawn version of the original first ever flatmates comic I drew. I just never published it and had forgotten about it. Then, when this came up, I thought it was the perfect time for the truth to come out…. I’ll make it clear how Seán got away with it in next week’s episode Christophe- had been planning a diagram/floor map in that one anyway-

    glad you like it!

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