130 – Hannah and her Brothers –

© Maeve Clancy 2010


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9 Responses to “130 – Hannah and her Brothers –”

  1. Albert Says:

    Didn’t see that coming, what a classic twist. That bearded brother looks just like the Israeli Army Big brother from Cuzco when Ger & I were there. – About the same level of intimidation too.

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    it’s always fun to throw in a curveball… I realised while drawing this that the older brother is like me designing my ideal man. Maybe I should go to Israel next…

  3. Albert Says:

    you and bearded men ! Although Hannah looks more Greek really.

  4. maeveclancy Says:

    It’s my Achilles heel… Did I mention that I’m moving to Greece next summer? The natural occurrence of many dark, bearded men was surprising not a factor. Honestly.

  5. Christophe Says:

    Never had you down for a Hasidic Jew fancier Maeve… Wonders never cease!!! 😉

  6. Helmut Says:

    OK. I hate to be pedantic, but you’ve got to stop making those little mistakes in the German.

    Hannah would use second person familiar, not formal when talking to her brothers.

    Other than that, great stuff.

    • maeveclancy Says:

      Hi Helmut
      Glad you’re enjoying the German chronicles of Flatmates. It’s almost over at this stage as I leave here later in the week.
      I have Hannah speaking to both of them here, as in “Since when are you(plural) back?”. Is ” Sind Sie” right in that case? Please feel free to correct any mistakes: I’m always much happier to have them right. I’m not so pushed with the two lads as in my mind they speak the same rough German that I do, but with native speakers I’d prefer to have it right-


  7. Helmut Says:

    “Seit wann seid ihr zurueckgekommen?”

    (I forgot to mention, second person, familiar, PLURAL.)

    Yes, I totally agree with you about the brothers.

    Somehow I feel like I may have inadvertently scared off all those who have been following the Berlin chronicles and were slightly curious about learning German. Don’t be scared!

    Despite my name, I had to learn it too. I’m a Yank for goodness sake.

    On the positive side, I love the use of Turkish. Gives the whole vibe a lot of colo(u)r.

    Keep up the great work! I’ve been following for over a year now. LA is next, right? I’ll give the boys surfing lessons.

    • maeveclancy Says:

      hi Helmut

      Ah, that makes more sense. I was a bit aware that I was cobbling it together on this sentence, so I’m not surprised that it wasn’t right. Will sort that out later.
      Please keep up the corrections: as I said, I’m happier to fix them and have them right when the characters are meant to be native German speakers. I used the Turkish in parts where I figured they’d be chatting to each other in their ‘mother’ tongue. It’s kind of what I experienced living in Neukolln (large ethnic Turkish community) in Berlin.
      I’ve just moved back to Dublin, so the lads are on home soil for the next while. If I ever manage to move them to the West Coast for a while, I’ll take you up on the surfing lesson. Glad to hear you’re still enjoying the comic-


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