103 -Zombified: 28 seconds later –

© Maeve Clancy 2010


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4 Responses to “103 -Zombified: 28 seconds later –”

  1. TUG Says:

    You’ve hit on something here, the obvious was the next one to be 28 Months Later but of course, you could do a prequel, 28 seconds later!

    It might lose a bit of the immediacy of the other versions though…

  2. Albert Albert Says:

    Saved the day and blew a €300 projector bulb at the same time…. I would not like to be Hairy when they find out !

    • maeveclancy Says:

      Does that blow the bulb? Hairy always manages to get it wrong, not that it’s ever his fault…

  3. Albert Albert Says:

    yeah, it has to cool down first, with te fan b4 u can pull the plug. Ah hairy….nice try but scuppered urself again.

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