– Calling all Readers –

The Collected Flatmates Volume One Book is on the way.
And I need your help. From the 90-something episodes so far, I have to select 30 for the book.
So who better to ask which ones should be included?

This actually involves quite a bit of work and time, so it’s no small ask.
Thus, anyone who sends me in a list of their favourite 30 earns not only my eternal gratitude, but I’ll  mail you something nice: an original sketch and a badge or two. So when you send me your list, include your postal address and I’ll drop a little present in the mail.

Many thanks-


( Lists to maeve@maeveclancy.com)


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3 Responses to “– Calling all Readers –”

  1. Fontfiddler Says:

    You can leave my badge on the table slag

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    Hang on, you ARE my Flatmate. I think that comes in under the ‘exemptions’ part of the deal. I may give you one of the bockedy badges though. Seeing as you do all my design and are my general ‘Flatmates’ slave…

  3. TUG Says:

    Sounds great… Might get around to it later… But will definitely do this at some point!

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