84 – Best Served Cold –



© Maeve Clancy 2009


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5 Responses to “84 – Best Served Cold –”

  1. ian moore Says:

    you’d have to be quite evil to think of a plotline like this. i like it lots.

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    The only answer to this is that I am quite evil. Where do you think Seán gets it from?


  3. TUG Says:

    Is Flatmates going to comment on the football… You can’t have 2 barmen in Dublin not be affected!

  4. ian moore Says:

    please no more football! my head, like the ground is saturated

  5. maeveclancy Says:

    mine too, I have to say. couldn’t think of a single original thing to say about it, so left it out-


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