75- Electric Picnic –



© Maeve Clancy 2009


5 Responses to “75- Electric Picnic –”

  1. TUG Says:

    Ah, the picnic… That explains the short hiatus! Praise the lord, I was fearing the worst as scarygoround finished last Friday and 2 webcomics gone in a week would be too much!

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    If only it was just the Picnic; I only made it there for 6 hours in total as I was working at it. Had to run off straight after for other stuff. Yep, sorry about the gap; was under a huge workload for a couple of weeks there. All up to date now though.
    Paris features in the next one…


  3. TUG Says:

    I’m going to put the last 2 updates down to Cois Farraige and Arthur’s Day!

  4. maeveclancy Says:

    not even! God, I wish. Too much other work. It’s in progress right now tho- should have both up by Sunday… May have another competition this week too. Just working it out.


  5. TUG Says:

    Good stuff. Hey Maeve, you might be the type to know, where would you recommend for good quality yet reasonably priced framing in the city?

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