65 – New Arrivals –


I’m looking for the best names for the new arrivals to the Flatmates house- 
I have 2 Limited Edition badge sets (see below) for the readers whose ideas are chosen. 
Write your suggested names for the new Flatmates as a comment below by Monday evening.


© Maeve Clancy 2009


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11 Responses to “65 – New Arrivals –”

  1. John Says:

    I choose ‘Biggley’ 🙂

  2. TUG Says:

    Christian and Jane.

  3. Alan Says:

    ok we have Lucia from Asturias & Fergus from Meath

    • maeveclancy Says:

      can’t use Fergus. He was already in the barfight with Egg.
      So she could be Spanish, not a bad idea…


  4. ka Says:

    Mark and Anna; they have had three failed marraiges between them and are are hoping to adopt like bradgelina so they probably aren’t going to work in this story at all. sorry.

    • maeveclancy Says:

      Karen, I really like the back story. Gets me thinking (ie, I’m going to start stealing my readers’ good ideas for this comic!)


  5. Shane Says:

    I am going to go with Cassandra and Eddie.

  6. Alan Says:

    ok so then it could be Lucia & Martin, nice possibilities for tension between the boys and hairy martin…..

  7. glen fitzpatrick Says:

    i think the nicknames could be pretty for the girl and not so pretty for the boy or yummy for the girl and yuk for the boy.

  8. glen fitzpatrick Says:

    for real names it could be kevin and keeley

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