63 – Feast of Fun –


© Maeve Clancy 2009


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12 Responses to “63 – Feast of Fun –”

  1. Michael Says:

    HA HA! I love the Feast of Fun!

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    It’s one of the best podcasts out there. Love it.


  3. frances Says:

    I’ve gotten very fond of THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Dunno’ if that counts as a podcast. Don’t like that word… “podcast”. Quit making up new words and use up the old ones first – such a waste!

    • George Says:

      They use that word because there is no adequate substitute, podcasts were a new thing and no other word fitted it

      • maeveclancy Says:

        thanks George, I think that’s what I was trying to say. Just in a more roundabout-not-in-any-way-clear kind of way!

  4. Fergal Breen Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Feast of Fools.
    Went to New York to meet them a few years ago.
    Great stuff!

    • maeveclancy Says:

      I think it’s a brilliant show. I often draw the final comic when listening to them each week, so eventually they had to slip in there! Real laugh out loud stuff.


  5. Jamie Says:

    Sorry, that last message was from me, I was just using my mar’s computer…

    • maeveclancy Says:

      ah, masquerading as your mum… I have your poster. Sorry about not dropping in at the weekend. Ended up working right up to Sunday night to hit some deadlines. Will be in town at the weekend. you in the bookshop and I’ll drop in your poster?


  6. maeveclancy Says:

    I’m alternating between ‘This American Life’ and ‘Feast of Fun’ at the moment. Both are brilliant to draw the comic to. Very relaxing. Podcasts… Yeah, I know what you mean. But I suppose it’s a word for a show that you can catch at any time, a pre-recorded, readily available one. Podcast doesn’t really describe that, but it has become the common phrase to denote it.


  7. Jamie Says:

    I’ll be in the shop Sunday afternoon, cheers!

  8. Fontfiddler Says:

    That’s MY favourite show big guy! My favourite show lol (pinch)

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