58 – Berliners –



© maeve clancy 2009


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5 Responses to “58 – Berliners –”

  1. Tom Says:

    I object to this anti-male propaganda. This belittling of the male sex as though we spend all our time wishing away the hours like some sort of pseudo-intellectual race of superior wasters.

    You’ve taken a typical Irish male and planted his characteristics on every other. Mind you, you might have a point really, now that I think of it…. Well, I’m not like that. No!!!!

    Now where did I put that plane ticket…

    • maeveclancy Says:

      Mmm. I was approaching it more from a female point of view. Where we find it hard to appreciate that you don’t always have to do everything that you want to. Sometimes it’s worth leaving unknown quantities in your life. Men seem to have that sussed.
      Glad it hit a chord!

  2. TUG Says:

    Nice backgrounds… Love Berlin, they seem to be somewhere near the Tiergarten…

  3. maeveclancy Says:

    Jesus, how did you know that? It’s only a reflection.


  4. TUG Says:

    I’m just that good. 😉

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