56 – Staring Contest –





© Maeve Clancy 2009


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4 Responses to “56 – Staring Contest –”

  1. elfinamsterdam Says:

    So now I know what you and CatFlaps get up to in Hogans.

    She assures me no alcohol is drunk, yet she’s got bloodshot eyes when I speak to her on Skype.

    Glad you’re “keepin it real”


  2. Sara Says:

    “Eyes straight ahead ahead”? I hope this staring contest continues on in the next installment.

  3. maeveclancy Says:

    AARgh, just see that now. Will fix it later. Damn finishing comics late at night gets you doing stupid things like that!
    Staring contest may continue, particularly as I’m pretty stuck for time this week and it’s a repeated image strip…
    Hah, Clair, I would never have a staring contest with Catriona. She’d just poke me in the eye to win!


  4. Fontfiddler Says:

    You tell her Maeve…I would poke you in the eye! love the staring competition.

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