-Budget Special-



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5 Responses to “-Budget Special-”

  1. TUG Says:

    Would it be harsh of me to suggest that’s the type of attitude that got us into this mess… 😛

  2. maeveclancy Says:

    Not harsh. It’s not in any way a mature response, but I have to admit that it was mine for 5 minutes… Don’t really think that’s really what got us into this mess though. Not wanting to listen to bad news didn’t create an overvalued property sector, insane personal debt and a global economic crash.
    It’s very definitely Seán’s natural response though,tax dodger that he is!


  3. Fontfiddler Says:

    I love it lol!

  4. TUG Says:

    It certainly had it’s part to play but yes I agree, the central problem was that Ireland is a nation of full on insane self flagellating masochists…

    Viz. Fifteen years of Fianna Fail!!! 😛

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