– FLATMATES 1st Birthday Competition –



To enter, send your postal address to maeve@maeveclancy.com ,
with ‘Flatmates Poster’ in the subject heading.

The first 10 entries will win the signed posters.
Good Luck! 



All images and work © Maeve Clancy 2009


4 Responses to “– FLATMATES 1st Birthday Competition –”

  1. Albert Albert Says:

    I got 9:05 one hour after posting. I gotta be in the top ten. Ok shane there’s only 9 posters left ! Gotta get going.

  2. Albert Albert Says:

    Right that’s 2 gone then, shane’s in.

  3. Webcomic accessories | paddybrown.co.uk Says:

    […] Maeve Clancy’s Flatmates has reached it’s first birthday, and to celebrate, Maeve’s offering a signed poster to […]

  4. elfinamsterdam Says:

    I think catriona has mine… but… *ahem* its not signed….



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